Add a Garage to Your Home in Lexington & Columbia, SC

Add a Garage to Your Home in Lexington & Columbia, SC

Increase Your Space With a Garage Addition

Building a room addition is a smart way to get more space without buying a bigger home. Talk to Apex Construction, Inc. in Lexington, SC today about adding a garage to your home. Garages can be much more than places to store vehicles - you can add air conditioning or other amenities to your garage to make it more functional. Call today to learn more.

How Will You Use Your New Garage?

Adding a garage to your home is a great way to expand your space with a home addition in Lexington, South Carolina. There are many ways to use your brand-new garage space. We can turn your garage into the perfect place for:

  • Working out - transform your garage into a home gym.
  • Storing your stuff - turn your new space into household or car storage.
  • Getting work done - a garage would make a great home office space or craft workshop.

Ready to build your new garage space? Call Apex Construction-we'll create a custom plan for you. We design and build home additions in Lexington, SC and the surrounding Columbia, SC area.