Leave A Testimonial

Dear Reader:

We are pleased to write this letter on behalf of Apex Construction, David Williams built our home in Lexington, SC, in 2006.

We can say without hesitation that David did an outstanding job. From the initial stage of conversation regarding our ideas, to the day we moved in, we were pleased with his performance.

He and his employees were professional, dedicated and pleasant to work with. The subcontractors were on time and work performed was above par. They will tell you that David does not accept late or shoddy workmanship.

We always felt David had our best interests at heart. He was willing to share his experience with us if we wanted to do something and he felt it would not work. In addition he is extremely honest. If he tells you he will do something, you can put it in the bank! And speaking of finances, we always felt he was fair and that we received a very good value for the money we spent. David was extremely flexible and did not give us any grief when we made changes. David calls on occasion to make sure there are no problems or to make sure we do not need anything.

Upon completion of the home, David was very prompt in rectifying any minor problems we had. We have heard many horror stories from friends who did not have a good experience with building a home. Ours is just the opposite -we still consider David a friend and are pleased to recommend him to others.

If we ever build another home David and the group over at Apex Construction will be the developer we will choose once again.
If you would like to talk with us about our experience with David and his team, please feel free to contact us.